double edged sword

Researching about SOPA/ PIPA was very informative. This topic is a little difficult because although I agree with PIPA, I also see where SOPA is coming from also. Right until the part I read about people getting arrested if the SOPA was enacted, then I thought “woah, I don’t want to be a criminal just because I wanted to catch up on my Breaking Bad episodes” or feel like we are being watched over like big brother in the book “1984”. I was very confused as to which I agree more with but I figured to think about it in the legal sense and it does take away from a lot of business but at the same time I don’t think we should lose our privacy. I don’t know man, there’s always a side that is gaining while the other loses.


what the hell is an open source

I honestly do not understand “Open Source”. I like the concept of it but I feel as if people would take advantage of such things. As I did my research, I learned of all the positives that have come from it and that I respect, but to be honest, I have no clue what it really is and how it works. 

Edward Snowden

We can’t all have the same opinions about what happens in life. So regarding Edward Snowden’s actions, I do not look at him as a traitor as others may. Why you may ask? , the answer is easy, it’s because he had the right intentions. Edward did not do it to put us in danger but to just to inform us that yes we are being watched by our government. I mean sure it makes Obama and anyone involved look like the bad guy because they say they aren’t watching over us, when they were but I am glad he did because now people will be careful with what they put out there online or over the phone.