Outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party. I personally do not approve of outsourcing and why companies do it. It is giving many jobs to others outside the country instead of those who are in the country. I understand that the reasons are because it is cheaper to get labor from those outside, but come on now. Unemployment rates would be better if maybe we didn’t give so many of our jobs to others outside the country. The economy would be better we had more jobs in the country so the economy would flow between us. What outsourcing does to me is basically help someone outside the country get a good job instead of a worker here in the US. It has its pros but the pros only benefit themselves so it’s pretty selfish of them. The business profits of course but the economy doesn’t get any better. The cons of outsourcing should outweigh then pros, because you are damaging your own people by not offering them work. What blows my mind is how can a company so rich be so cheap, because it’s all about saving the most money for them.