There are many ways Massive Open Online Courses can change higher education. Most importantly , it can make it more accessible to those who can not, because it is free (for now) and you can get an education online. MOOCs will change higher education for the better because now it wont be such a privilege based on your parent’s income or grades but instead based on if you want to learn and through such MOOCs, learn it individually on your pace. The website article I read said it best that with MOOCs, we can “envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education that has so far been available to a select few” (Newsom). I just think that is what needed in this world, equal access to all. Now a good question is whether online education will ever replace college and the answer to that is no. It will always be a part of education and it is possible to get a college education online, but the basics of the classroom setting will always be part of our society. I would recommend MOOCs because the way the Code Academy worked, it was good that I could be completely lost or new to something and it only teaches you or talks about the things you really need to know with instant feedback.

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