But why?

Outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party. I personally do not approve of outsourcing and why companies do it. It is giving many jobs to others outside the country instead of those who are in the country. I understand that the reasons are because it is cheaper to get labor from those outside, but come on now. Unemployment rates would be better if maybe we didn’t give so many of our jobs to others outside the country. The economy would be better we had more jobs in the country so the economy would flow between us. What outsourcing does to me is basically help someone outside the country get a good job instead of a worker here in the US. It has its pros but the pros only benefit themselves so it’s pretty selfish of them. The business profits of course but the economy doesn’t get any better. The cons of outsourcing should outweigh then pros, because you are damaging your own people by not offering them work. What blows my mind is how can a company so rich be so cheap, because it’s all about saving the most money for them.


Technology…good or bad

Google glass and technology like it is definitely an evolutionary step in the direction of technology. Technology is always advancing by the year. We are always trying to make the next big thing to make our lives easier. So there’s no doubt that technology invented today are just more steps taken to better the future and make things smoother. The benefits of having technology like this is that our everyday lives become a little more interesting and easier to navigate through. There’s always a downside to everything, although such advances in technology make certain aspects of life easier, it also takes our privacy a little because it knows every little thing about us since we put it all over social networks or stored in the device. People can be so focused on the technology they possess that you do get distracted and anti social. 


Pieces of information I consider private include my address, phone number , social security , email/password combinations, private conversations via text or email. Basically any information that would leave me exposed. When an outsider has your private information such as that, anything someone I don’t know can use against me or take away from me. I don’t know about you but I personally would just feel uncomfortable knowing random people out there I don’t know just know basic things about me.
Now when it comes to corporations or the government reviewing published information, I wouldn’t say I have a problem with it. The exceptions I have to it is I don’t think it should be abused,where I’m always being watched over. No one likes to feel that way, we all deserve our privacy , whether in person or through the Internet. 

Illegal Downloading

The question being asked for this blog is if illegal downloading a victim-less crime? Good question, the answer to that is sadly no, because you may not realize it, but there is actually a victim in illegal downloading. Someone out there is losing money for their hard work each time an illegal download happens. Illegal downloading is not different from stealing because you are essentially doing the same thing.

Whether it’s to steal the actual physical item or download the digital version, at the end of the day, it’s stealing. Every thing that you may download FREE, when it is clearly an item that can only be purchased, is stealing. The internet just makes it easy because the availability of it and the chances of getting in trouble are slim to none because so many people do it, that it is not enforced although illegal. 

What a Shame

Aaron Swartz, the founder of Reddit, was found dead, he had hung himself. Some of the reasons behind his death include depression that he previously suffered from and the criminal case he was in, which his wife stated that it was caused “by a persecution and a prosecution that had already wound on for 2 years”. What this says about some United States law is that those in power have a lot of control over those who don’t, for example he knew he was going to get the worst possible sentence just because they can do that and not because it’s what is right. Aaron was always about helping the little guy and just wanted to show that we deserve internet freedom. What this also says about some US law is that the sentencing given to certain crimes aren’t always equivalent to what is deserved just based on how the criminal justice works.

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The STEM subjects are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Stem jobs do pay well compared to other jobs because those are the main subjects or fields that the upper elites when it comes to grades, go for. Those are the hardest  fields to get into and it is the main things that deal with evolving and becoming better for the future. 


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The future is MOOCs

There are many ways Massive Open Online Courses can change higher education. Most importantly , it can make it more accessible to those who can not, because it is free (for now) and you can get an education online. MOOCs will change higher education for the better because now it wont be such a privilege based on your parent’s income or grades but instead based on if you want to learn and through such MOOCs, learn it individually on your pace. The website article I read said it best that with MOOCs, we can “envision a future where everyone has access to a world-class education that has so far been available to a select few” (Newsom). I just think that is what needed in this world, equal access to all. Now a good question is whether online education will ever replace college and the answer to that is no. It will always be a part of education and it is possible to get a college education online, but the basics of the classroom setting will always be part of our society. I would recommend MOOCs because the way the Code Academy worked, it was good that I could be completely lost or new to something and it only teaches you or talks about the things you really need to know with instant feedback.

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Intervention in Syria

The United States nearly intervened in Syria for the right reasons. They wanted to help out a country that was being taken advantage of, The United States are known for trying to make world peace and intervene to be the sort of “big brother” of weaker/smaller countries. One of the main reasons they wanted to intervene was because Syria was using chemical weapons and the US had to prevent that from happening and allowing governments or groups of people to take complete control over innocent people. The reason they didn’t intervene was to avoid engaging in a war of bombs and to put the people in the US in danger. I think we should intervene in the sense of trying to talk it out or which ever other forms of non violent contact to sort of fix the situation instead of ignite it.


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REALLY BRO, Government Shut Down?

When I first heard about this on social networks such as twitter and Facebook, I thought it was just a joke or prank, It’s hard to believe the government is really going to shut down until Senate and House of Representatives can agree on a way to fund them. It’s a little selfish I think that people who work for jobs that go under Health, Housing, Immigration, parks, museums , and other things funded by the government are being halted until they can agree on a way for it to be funded. Not fair at all that they still have to work even though they are not being paid, when I’m sure they rely on those checks for a living and especially those percentages of workers who were just sent home because they are not needed until they are funded again when the shutdown is over.

Sociology is my major

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